Monday, July 28, 2008

Grandpa Bernies Birthday

We had an impromptu Bolthouse family gathering last week for my Grandpa Bernie's birthday.

Tyler stopped to smell the flowers under the basketball hoop for about 2 seconds,
fast enough for me to get one picture before he tried to eat the flower

Sarah and Ben helping Tyler go fast...

Kissing Kayla goodbye

Looking at the cows with Uncle Blake

Flirting with Sarah

"Helping" Daddy play basketball with the big boys

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Park

There is a park in Ludington on the channel that we like to go to. Here are some photos of our last trip there...Tyler loves dogs...even the fake ones. He petted (is that a word?) this dog for quite awhile before going to look up the skirt of the girl statue. Such a boy...

We got to see the Badger leave on it's trip for Wisconsin.

The Zoo

Tyler took his first trip to the zoo this summer and loved it. He was enthralled with the flamingos at the entrance and freaked out when we went towards the next exhibit. He thought we were leaving and wanted no part in it. It took a couple of exhibits before he caught on that there was more to come. He loved the petting zoo and got in the middle of two baby pygmy goats head-butting over a treat; I picked him up just in time before he got rammed. Needless to say, we moved on to other exhibits. We fed the little birds with the seed on a stick and had a little bird eating on our hands. His absolute favorite was actually the walking trail at the back of the zoo with the wooden train. He was running around like crazy! He also got to have his first juice box ever and those have been a big hit since. I love the two photos of him in the car. Guess which one is on the way to the zoo and which one is on the way home...We went to Dairy Queen after the zoo and got him a cone. He didn't eat much before he fell asleep.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Thanks for visiting our blog! Life is super busy for us and I have failed miserably at keeping photos of our life posted on Shutterfly. I received an email from a friend today with a link to her family's blog and I copied the idea and ran with it. I promise to keep this up to date and I am going to add posts about fun things we have done this summer. Hope you can stop back!