Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthday Wishes

We love you so much! Thank you for being an amazing Papa to Tyler, I love that you and Tyler have to see each other every day and go into withdrawals if you don't. I know that you have developed a life long bond, buddies forever.
Happy Birthday!

1. 5th Generation Farmer
2. Shopping at Sears
3. Tyler giving Papa a ride
4. Planting Kale this morning
5. Playing tractors
6. Papa letting Tyler "drive" lawn tractors
7. Hi-lo ride
8. Fire truck ride at the orchards
9. Waiting for Papa
10. Planting a garden
11. The obsession begins
12. Watering flowers at the cottage (a Papa/Tyler weekend ritual)
13. In a greenhouse
Did I mention I am obsessed with collages...because I am

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