Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Friend...Meet Sarah

Photo by Sarah's Mother In Law, stolen by me from Sarah's blog

Meet Sarah...she is my hair stylist turned friend and everyone should have one. Who can say they went to birthing class with their hair stylist? I can! Sarah now cuts hair out of her bathroom on Wednesdays and she sits on her toilet (no...not going) and we catch up.

A friend of mine from high school was going to Calvin College and started going to a salon near there. My 3rd girl in a row at Design One had just left after having a baby and I was desperately looking for someone to cut my hair. I heard about Sarah and 7 years later here we are. Not only does she do a great job, but her prices are AmAzInG! I can never redo my hair the next day quite like she does after a cut, so don't hold that against her.

She is super funny and sarcastic and we have the same parenting philosophies. Her oldest is 7 weeks younger than Tyler and they would have been only 2 weeks apart if Tyler hadn't come so early. Sarah went on to add one more to her brood in January and keeps urging me to catch up. Our husbands are a lot alike too, which gave us some awesome Mother's Day stories to chat about...

From Sarah:
I am honored and embarrassed all the the same time....don't really think people would care about my boring life:)
oh well, here it goes:

*Favorite food:
if i HAD to pick one i would say pizza, but spicy mexican would be a very close 2nd place

*childhood memory:
our family vacation to west virginia. We couldn't really afford lavish vacations, but my mom believed it was important to do something as a family every year. SO, that year we packed a tent and put all our bikes on a trailer behind my dad's pickup and drove there. The funniest/crazy part is it had enough room for 3 up front, so my parents had the kids take turns sitting in the bed of the truck (with a cap on) in recliner lawn chairs! (definitly wouldn't fly with state police these days!

*funny thing that happened this week:
My son came up to me and said, "I want boogers for supper, mommy!"

*Sleep with your mouth open or closed?
I sleep with my mouth closed.

*What you love most about your hubby?
I love my husbands sense of humor, and how he can make most people laugh.

*What in your life has gone a different direction than you thought at 16?
EVERYTHING in my life has gone a different direction than when i was 16! THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!! One of those times you are thankful you don't get everything you ask for!

*Official name of your bathroom salon?
THe salon has an unofficial name of "Sarah's Bathroom Salon Emporiom" Given by her husband:)

*Are your toes painted right now?
My toes are painted, but barely.....i keep saying that i am going to get a pedicure, but it just doesn't seem to happen.

*Easiest part about 2 kids? Hardest?
easiest part of having 2 kids: hmmm....loving them... that's pretty easy, and the fact that they are STARTING to entertain each other. Hardest part is getting out of the house.

*Cake or ice cream?
Cake or ice cream is a trick question for me because they are both sweets.....anything sweet is a yes for me.

*Favorite tv show?
everybody loves raymond is my favorite....can't watch an episode without laughing out loud.

*Last book you read?
*last book: Maggie by Charles Martin. (one of the few books i can read more than once)

*Last thing you did for yourself.....
hmmm........i went shopping for the day and out with my girlfriends that night about a month ago. I guess it's time to do that again!:)

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