Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rays of sunshine

I am totally addictated to three types of blogs: decorating/crafting, fun crafty moms, and blogs where something tragic has happened and I check for updates. I realized that something bad or negative gives us something to talk about. If we talk about all the good stuff in our lives, we are afraid it will be perceived as bragging. So, for the sake of a conversation we (or at least I) talk about the negative. People are drawn to it and can relate to it, unless all you do is talk about the negative.

Instead of telling you about the the bad/annoying things that happened to me today like Tyler shattering a light bulb, I will share the best part of my day.

On my way home from picking Tyler up from daycare, I glanced back at him. The sun was streaming into the back seat through the trees on Wilson. Tyler had his adorable little face turned up into the sun with his eyes squinted almost closed and the BIGGEST, cheesiest smile you have ever seen on his face.

Isn't just like a baby to remind you to enjoy the simple things in life, like the sun streaming through the trees on a gorgeous fall day?

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