Tuesday, September 30, 2008


arguing-foolish disputatious reasoning. -reasonings that have ulterior and malicious. desires.
Imagine yourself as an Israelite crossing the Red Sea.
Would you enjoy the miracle you are part of, be amazed at the sight of the walls of water on each side of you, recognize the part you are playing in the history of mankind?
Would you grumble about the long walk, the mud ruining your sandals, the uncomfortable feeling of cold muck in your toes? Would you be so engrossed in the negative that you miss the beauty of the miracle?
I often miss the beauty of the daily miracles around me because my head is down, my heart and mind concentrating on the negative. I think back to when I have muttered the words "nothing goes my way" when my suv is stuck in traffic on my way home from my job that provides for us with my beautiful baby in the back.
Why is it my nature to take small inconveniences in life and define my life by them. Why do I concentrate on all the bad and neglect to be in awe of the numerous blessings in my life. I KNOW how I should act, but that doesn't change the bad habit of negativity.
Time to stop gongysmosing...

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