Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

The latest thing on facebook is the 25 Random Things note. It was actually fun to make my list and I have really enjoyed reading everyone's lists...the things you learn! I decided to make one for Tyler...and since he is too young for facebook, his list gets to go on the blog.

25. I just ran around the house in only a shirt for about 10 minutes
24. I love showers
23. My favorite drink is milk
22. My favorite food is cheese
21. When I eat an apple, I eat all the way through the core...yum yum
20. My favorite tv show is anything with trucks or tractors
19. I call day care school
18. I LOVE the wheels on the bus song and my mom sings it all the time and makes up new parts
17. My favorite person is papa
16. I love tools and know how to use each one
15. I look like my daddy
14. I always add "s" to the end of daddy...sounds like I have more than one
13. I like hats, especially ones like papa and daddys
12. I love all doggies
11. I love mama keeps them washed and ready for me at all times
10. I go to sleep without crying in my crib
09. I like pretty girls...I get to go to some photo shoots with my mama and flirt with the models
08. I love to dance and have some sweet moves
07. I can destroy a clean room in under 10 seconds
06. I like to rub lotion on my mama's feet
05. I haven't tried to climb out of my crib yet, but I did figure out how to remove the outlet covers
04. I don't like to sit in a highchair anymore, booster seat please
03. I love my uncles, especially when the tickle me
02. Flashlights are another favorite
01. I'm a good little boy and I behave because I don't like time outs

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Grace Wyer said...

Ooo, Cute blog! I love your music choices - I am a HUGE Bruce fan!