Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Resolution Revisions

Every year I make at least on resolution that is way too hard to keep. The whole point, as I see it, of a resolution is to start habits to either make you a better person or make someone's life easier. I'd like to think that my yearly need to create so many ambitious resolutions is a direct result of my eternal optimism...Or maybe it is because I love me a good list.

I have removed two of my resolutions and you can't make me feel one iota of guilt over it.

Taking and posting a photo EVERY single day is humanly impossible in my schedule. Cool idea, sure. Cool idea for me? Apparently not, seeing as I only made it 3 days.

Blogging 5 days a week...whatever. I guess I would rather spend time with Tyler or sleep. I do have to do a lot of dishes and cleaning and cooking too, but I would much rather blog than do those. Unfortunately, responsibility calls, and ever the first born, I answer.

Maybe someday I could quit my job and be a cool mom and craft and blog in between all of the other things us moms have to do. (note to self, add this to resolutions for 2010.)

On a brighter note, I have started my exercise program, completed my business plan for my photography business, created a schedule and have been keeping up on at least 3 of my 4 email in boxes. Progress is the point and I am moving. Now, off I go to make myself a sweet progress chart....

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Amanda: said...

Way to go, you! At least you know what's plausible and what will only set you up for failure. Way to weed those out!

I made NO resolutions this year. Although I am going to start taking a cardio class with my mom, which I guess sort of counts because it's the beginning of a good habit.

How's your exercise schedule going? Is that playlist helpful at all??