Saturday, December 20, 2008


Mike was working late last night so Tyler and I went shopping and out to dinner with my parents. After dinner, Tyler didn't want to come home with me and continued shopping with my mom and dad.

Glad that he wasn't with me when I got home and couldn't get in the driveway.

By not getting in the driveway, I mean being completely, hopelessly stuck.

In my SUV.

So, I did what any midwestern farmer's daughter would do and got out and started shoveling. I got most of the driveway done by the time Mike pulled up. I was still stuck, but there was a clear (or mostly clear) path ahead.

Not long after Mike got home, our very nice neighbor came over and offered us the use of his snowblower. Those things are awesome. I want one. Bad...

My parents dropped Tyler off and I put a chair in our window so he could watch us shovel our way through a foot of snow.

Tonight I should go out and finish up my last little bit of shopping for Christmas. Instead, we are curling up on the couch and either catching up on shows from the week or watching season one of The Office that Blockbuser so kindly mailed us.

I know, I know we don't watch The Office. But we are starting from the beginning and will be caught up for next year.

I have chili in the crockpot that we will enjoy for dinner along with some semi-homemade cornbread. Yummy...

Oh...Tyler got a haircut last week. He looks so much older now with his wispy curls gone.
Sad, but cute.

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